How it Works

Our Approach

Fix & Flip Loans

Loans up to $2,000,000, LTV’s up to 80% of purchase price with credit score as low as 600. Financing up to 100% of rehabilitation cost.

Non-QM Loans

Coming Soon..


The ViaNova Process focuses on bridging the gap between private money and the capital markets, helping mortgage originators fund loans to developers and real estate investors. Our team of real estate and capital markets professionals are focused on finding high-quality originators and product, supporting property revitalization and community development.


  • portal access to pricing at point of sale
  • common sense underwriting
  • efficient response times
  • technology driven, one stop, for quick funding


ViaNova has teamed up with top industry leaders to provide the best possible service to it’s clients.



Due Diligence

Loan Inventory System