Loan Trading Platform

ViaNova Capital Group, LLC is a loan trading platform focused on mortgages backed by residential assets. ViaNova provides a ‘new way’ to bridge investment capital to lenders who may be overlooked by commercial banks. It is our mission to help private lenders better serve their clients.

Bridging the Gap

Between private money and the captial markets, helping mortgage originators fund loans to developers.

About Us

ViaNova is an indirect majority-owned subsidiary of Cohen & Company Inc. (“Cohen & Company”), a Maryland corporation publicly traded on the NYSE American under the ticket symbol “COHN”. Cohen & Company is a financial services company specializing in fixed income markets. Cohen & Company was founded in 1999 as an investment firm focused on small-cap banking institutions, but has grown to provide an expanding range of capital markets and asset management services. Cohen & Company’s operating segments are Asset Management, Capital Markets, Loan Trading and Principal Investing. For more information, see

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